Online Music Research

Get immediate feedback from your listeners on everything from currents, recurrents, golds, to new music you're thinking about adding into rotation. Want to know what 25-44 year old females think about a song you're questionable about? Got a gut feeling about a song that you think should stay in rotation longer but you're not 100% sure? Hit Music Research can provide you with the answers and more.

Online Perceptual Research
  Let's face it....perception is reality. Regardless of what you're doing and how well you're doing it, if it's not connecting with your listeners you could be missing the mark big-time. Why invest thousands of dollars in keeping your station going without knowing how well you're serving and meeting the needs of your listening audience? Our online system allows you to dig deep into the mindset of your listeners and get a better picture of who they perceive you to be and what you do or don't do for them. The truth is out there and Hit Music Research will get it for you.
Online Auditorium Tests

Have you ever wanted to do an auditorium test and survey your entire music library but didn't have the time, resources, location, and thousands of dollars typically charged by research companies to make it happen? Well now you can accomplish the same goal at a fraction of the cost without ever having to have your listeners leave the comfort of their home or office. Plus it gives them the flexibility to complete the auditorium test around their schedule. And, with our online auditorium test component you can get immediate feedback on hundreds of songs you have in rotation and have access to all of that data instantaneously with the click of a mouse!

Some Of The Features And Benefits You Get With Hit Music Research…..

Customized settings - Gives you the flexibility to set things up for your station's particular needs, including station logo and other specific information included on your sign-up page, surveys, and reports.

Unlimited online music surveys available - test songs weekly, every other week, monthly, or however often you choose.

Ease of Use - No need to edit, upload and catalog music clips (we do all the work for you)

30 Song Tests Standard - Test up to 30 songs per survey at no additional charge

Trend Data Reports - Get an overview of how any song has performed since it first showed up on a survey weeks or months ago.

Advanced Burn Options - including "Tired"/"Not Tired", "Play It More", "Play It Less", "Play It The Same". Or create customized descriptions that can be set to your liking.

Filtering Options - Filter your reports by age, gender, ethnic background, music preferences, favorite radio station, listening habits, zip-code and more!

Perceptual questions – Ask additional questions including multiple choice and more

Export Files - Reports can be downloaded into an excel spreadsheet for your files.

Survey History – Previous surveys are stored online for your convenience.

Database Management - See who's in your database, filter through it any number of ways and also download an excel file of the entire database to view or use in other applications.

Randomized Song Order - Each listener sees the same list of songs in a different order which may help reduce potential fatigue or bias based on song order.

Member Profile - View a member's profile to get a thumbnail sketch of who they are and contact them directly if you like.

Promotional/Marketing Email Blasts – Send out promotional messages to your database whenever you like.

Database Migration - If you've worked with another research company in the past, we can transfer an existing database over to ours or start with a clean slate.

Logo Placement - Corporate logos can be included on the registration page and surveys as an added benefit if you’re looking for sponsors

Generous referral program – Your word of mouth could mean free research for you.

Guaranteed lowest rates – Dare to compare and you’ll discover our rates are in some cases 75% less than other research companies, yet you still get all the bells and whistles!

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