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"Utilizing Hit Music Research has been my first venture into the world of online research. I was greeted with a great host! Ken & his team answered every request I had as we customized the K-Life survey to meet our unique needs--at an outstandingly affordable price. The product is user-friendly and quite frankly, a bit of fun for the K-Life Music Crew! The information I am receiving from the song testing is very affirming, in addition to the amazingly timely responses from the perceptual questions. Radio has a sharp new tool in Hit Music Research which K-life will be using for quite some time!"

Noonie Fugler, Program Director
KLFF - San Luis Obispo, Oxnard, Ventura, California


"With "Hit Music Research", Ken Farley is providing KVMV with valuable research and information that I didn't think we would be able to afford for several years down the road. It also allows me a personal touch to many of our listeners twice a month. The perceptual questions provide great, eye opening, reading and the affordable music research requires very little effort from my staff."

James Gamblin, General Manager
KVMV - McAllen/Brownsville, Texas


"Since starting to use Hit Music Research, every survey has gone out in a timely fashion and I have total access to the information given by our "listeners right away, any time of day. We here at WaYfm have been very pleased with the service."

Heather Erbe, Music Director/Afternoon drive host
WAYK - Kalamazoo, Grand Rapids, Michigan


"Hit Music Research is one of the best online music testing values out there! It's easy to use and manage, with lots of ways to break the information down."

Brian Nelson, MD
WJQK - Grand Rapids, Michigan


"You have EXCELLENT response time. You go out of your way to answer my questions and remind me to send surveys. Your attention to detail and your willingness to look into new ideas is far above the service we received with a couple of other popular on-line research companies. Your ability to tailor your service to our needs is wonderful."

Mike Couchman, Program Director
WLGH-Lansing, Michigan

Go Ken. it's yo' birfday... Seriously, this is all so awesome - thank you so much for finally making it easy for us to do something we've wanted to do for so long. and affordable, too!

Libby Krimsier, Music Director
WBSN - New Orleans, Louisiana


This is the service we’ve been dreaming about! Local, quality music research—that’s easy to use and get all the data we need to make solid decision about the music we play. And a extra benefit is the perception questions. It’s been a top priority on our “wish list” and now we’re receiving fast accurate data to help us make better decisions.

Tom Krimsier
Programming Consultant


“In a very short time, Hit Music Research has become my most valuable tool in gauging the true "Hits" as chosen by our filter listeners AND in getting rid of the duds masquerading as Hits. Best of all, I get all the bells and whistles of other on-line testing programs at a cost that makes sense for our non-comm radio budget.

Bill Carl,  Program Director, 
WBVM/WLMS -Tampa/St. Petersburg FL

"Hit Music Research has certainly provided a boost to the music of WBFJ.  Getting regular feedback from our listeners lets us know which songs are definitely their favorites and which are not.  One of the best research decisions we've ever made.   The customized format of the survey fits us well and the success rate of those participating has been phenomenal."

Wally Decker, Progam Director
WBFJ-FM- Winston Salem/Greensboro, NC

“Hit Music Research has been a great tool for us to use. Ken Farley does an excellent job of meeting your needs and giving you the most effective tool with a price that won't crash the budget. For a small market station that thought research would never happen...Hit Music Research has been an answer to prayer. If you are not using it then you don't know what you could be missing.”

Paul Tipton, Program Director
WSCF-FM - Vero Beach, FL

"I feel like a blind man who's just been given his sight! Hit Music Research gives me direct feedback that's radically changed the way I handle Positive Life Radio's Music."

Don Godman, Progam Director
Positive Life Radio - College Place, WA


"With Hit Music Research I'm not just getting music scores (which are very important to me) but also responses from our listeners with the perceptual question each survey that have opened eyes that I never new I had.  What they are telling me will help me do a better job day to day BIG TIME! The surveys are quick, easy and make my closest listeners feel even more connected to 101QFL.  They believe that they are the most influential listeners the station has...  because it is true."

Greg Saunders
PD/MD WQFL  Rockford, IL


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